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S'mores the Appaloosa

S'mores the Appaloosa is a story all her own. Between my books, history adventures, and journalism, this little filly has become more famous than I have. I have even won a state journalism award for my personal Road Apples Column called "Summer is Time for S'mores".  

If you couldn't tell, I've always wanted a horse--specifically an Appaloosa (or "Appaloosy")--since I was twelve years old. 

The Appaloosy Dream came true when I was 22. S'mores was purchased as a weanling in Northeastern North Dakota. Currently she is three years old and undergoing a personalized training program so she can help me promote my books around North Dakota in upcoming years. Check back to see updates on the gorgeous mascot for Appaloosy books! 

On occasion, I do offer horse training services in SE North Dakota. I've trained several colts as well as ponies and will do so as time allows. Those interested may contact me via email or phone.

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