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The Secret of the Hemlock Forest  



Within the realms of the Hemlock Forest lies a secret waiting to be discovered...

Sunshine is just an ordinary girl. Living an ordinary life, going to an ordinary school, facing ordinary obstacles of the ordinary fifteen what clothes to wear, how to make friends, or what she should do on a Saturday night. The only thing that sets her apart from the others is that she often sits alone in the Hemlock Forest near her home. People wonder why she spends her time there---there are stories of people going into the forest and never coming out again, about crazy  people and animals that live there, and other strange happenings. There are fables and legends about the creatures that live



The forest is rarely visited. By humans, anyway. 

Maybe there is a real reason why people don't go into the forest. But Sunshine just sits and relaxes within the realms of the dark Hemlock forest, thinking about the creatures that were said to live there, and contemplating just how ordinary and unsocial she really is. 

But when she hears a strange sobbing in the woods one evening, she couldn't help but follow the sound. What she stumbles across is something unusual; something that may even teach her a lesson about her own life...something extraordinary....

Get a first-run copy while they last! It is recommended for young adults and adults 12 and up. This is a coming- of-age fantasy unlike anything you've ever read before... Book Trailer Coming Soon!
Golden Sunrise 


     Cheyenne is a beautiful Golden Palomino mare raised in Northern Texas during the early 1800's. When her owner, Jared, is convinced to become a volunteer soldier for the emerging Texas fight for independence, she must travel with him along with his friend Rueben into San Antonio, Texas. Jared has orders to help defend the famous Fort Alamo against Mexican forces, and the more Cheyenne learns about Texas' fight for independence; the more the feisty mare is determined to help Jared fight in any way she can. Along the way, the two fight in battles, hide a cannon near the town of Gonzalez, and meet new friends like James Bowie and the Famous Davy Crockett. But the Mexican forces are set on extinguishing the fire of Texan independence in any way they can....will Jared and Cheyenne make it through the war? And will the Texas flag fly for freedom?

      Third in the horse series for children by Mattie Richardson, kids ages 8-14 or any horse lover will enjoy the telling of actual historical events in fictional form by the horse. Kids will especially appreciate the fact that the author wrote her books at a young age, the first at 13.


Dusty's Trail



   When young Levi Anderson reads this ad in a local newspaper, he can hardly resist the urge to saddle up and head out for a new job. Trouble is, his horse Dusty doesn't think it's such a good idea. Dusty enjoys his quiet life working on Levi's small family ranch; taking Levi to town, chasing cows, fixing fence and sometimes even horseracing with the neighbors. He couldn't imagine leaving. Levi steals away in the middle of the night, taking the reluctant Dusty along with him. Dusty may sometimes rear and buck, gallop and balk, but he tries to be good and really is in with his friend Levi for the long run. And the more they gallop on those wild runs with the "Pony Mail", the closer they bond as friends. But when Indian trouble arises, endangering the Pony Express Stations and even Levi's life, will Dusty prove to be a worthy mount? (From the back cover)


   This kids' historical fiction book is unique as the story of the Pony Express is told from the horse's point of view. The second book written by teen author Mattie Richardson, young readers will apreciate the fact that it was written by someone close to their age. Great for kids ages 8-14 or any horse lover.



     Storm is a beautiful brown Appaloosa stallion belonging to the famous Nez Perce tribe. He hates living the domesticated life and is determined to escape and run free across the open west with a wild herd. Instead, he is given to a young brave named White Feather, and surprisingly, the two bond together as everlasting friends. But when war breaks out in the Idaho wilderness Storm's life is turned upside-down. He is captured and taken to live with white men. After being sold twice and facing mandy unique challanges, he comes to live with Faith, a young girl living on a small farm with her family. The two soon become inseparable, and Storm was content to live with her for the rest of his days. But when he is stolen by rustlers heading west, once again circumstances have spun his life around. When he is finally able to free himself, he must decide between returning to Faith . . .or the chance to be free. (From the back cover)

      This kids' historical fiction book is unique as the story is told from the horse's point of view. The first book written by teen author Mattie Richardson, young readers will apreciate the fact that it was written by someone close to their age. Great for kids ages 8-14 or any horse lover.

Blackberry Blossom 


​    It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to learn to play the fiddle. But at sixteen, Molly is already a master. After running away from home she finds the best way to survive in America’s depression days is to travel around offering fiddling performances in exchange for money, food, or a place to stay. She loves her nomadic lifestyle, with no one to tell her what to do and where to go.

    Traveling east with a fiddle on her back, she meets Pepper, a lanky boy about her age who plays guitar and has a great sense of humor. Deciding that it would be advantageous to have him along, she agrees to let him tag along and the two ride the rails to New York State, where they perform in cafés and theatres as well as Hoovervilles and shantytowns all along the way.
But when Pepper discovers Molly’s biggest secret, will she be willing to accept and face her past?

Mattie Richardson's newest teen/young adult novel, be ready for an adventure!

Day and Night

Another delightful tale from Mattie Richardson, straight from the horse's mouth! This one follows Tucker and Shiloh, two young horses during the American Civil War. Young readers will certainly enjoy this story and learn a thing or two about American History while they're at it! Meticulous research promises historical accuracy in the facts spread throughout this book, and yet the end of the story will leave readers asking for more. Back text: ...The CRACK of the cannon and the Pop! of rifles...the screeching of the Rebels and yells of the Federal Soldiers are all sounds that can be heard through the fog of blue smoke... When people think about the Civil War, they tend to think that they've heard it all before. But maybe we haven't. How much do you know about the Border Wars? The women that fought in the Civil War? The homes and towns that were burned in the name of protecting people? The horses that fought just as bravely as the men? The Elephant that so many young soldiers were excited to see? Tucker and Shiloh are two young horses that were separated at the beginning of the Civil War. Though they are brothers, they are as different as day and night. But they are devastated when they are torn apart. One is sold to the US Army, while the other finds his place with a young Confederate soldier yearning for adventure. Both horses will learn so much about the Civil War and its effect on the land and the people. But will the brothers ever see each other again? More importantly, will they survive the struggle that claimed more than 600,000 souls? Both sides claim to be fighting for freedom. Only one side can win.

COVER-enrichment guide.jpg
BACK COVER Day and Night Guide copy.jpg
The Day and Night Enrichment Guide

ISBN: 978-0-9838171-6-1

Check out the newest addition to Mattie Richardson's Appaloosy/Horses in History Series!
These brand-new guides will take students through the historical aspect of each of the books. The Day and Night Enrichment Guide is the perfect tool to help kids learn more about the Civil War in the Western Theater, the men who fought, and the horses that went with them!
If you've read the book Day and Night, you know that it's jam-packed full of history, but the story is written so that kids can absorb historical facts without being bogged down with all the details! These guides accompany the books and help bring even more historical context into the stories with games, activities, biographies, crafts, and more!

The Civil War is an important era for students to learn about, and has been taught to the point of an almost-cliché in traditional circumstances. But how much do you know about the Border Wars? The women that fought in the Civil War? The homes and towns that were burned in the name of protecting people? The horses that fought just as bravely as the men? Or, the Elephant that so many young soldiers were excited to see?

The Civil War was an era of conflict, excitement, drama and more. But it is also one of the most important times in America’s history, and there is more than one side of the story.

This Enrichment Guide will lead students through the book Day and Night by Mattie Richardson and all that they can learn from it, to create a fresh, new appreciation for this time in history. The book has been praised for how historically accurate and interesting it is for kids and adults alike. Through this accompanying guide, students will learn:

*Reading Comprehension
*How to create their own stories
The guide also includes:
*Living History Activities
*How soldiers lived and participated in day-to-day life
*Different elements about horsemanship, horses and their roles today and through history, and other equine-related activities
*An advanced track for older students

What are you waiting for? Read it aloud and work through the guide as a project that the whole family, or send a horse-crazy student on their own adventure with this Day and Night Enrichment Guide. It is aimed toward 8-14 year olds (second through eighth grade) but can be adjusted to be used with older students as well.

Enrichment Guide, PDF/Kindle: $4.99

Spiral Bound: $19.99 +Shipping

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