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THEY TOLD HER TO STAY AWAY FROM THE FOREST.... Within the realms of the Hemlock Forest lies a secret waiting to be discovered... ​ Sunshine is just an ordinary girl. Living an ordinary life, going to an ordinary school, facing ordinary obstacles of the ordinary fourteen what clothes to wear, how to make friends, or what she should do on a Saturday night. The only thing that sets her apart from the others is that she often sits alone in the Hemlock Forest near her home. People wonder why she spends her time there---there are stories of people going in the forest and never coming out again, about crazy people and animals that live there, and other strange happenings. There are fables and legends about the creatures that live there. The forest is rarely visited. By humans, anyway. ​ Maybe there is a real reason why people don't go into the forest. But Sunshine just sites and relaxes within the realms of the dark Hemlock forest, thinking about the creatures that were said to live there, and contemplating just how ordinary and unsocial she really is. ​ But when she hears a strange sobbing in the woods one evening, she couldn't help but follow the sound. What she stumbles across is something unusual; something that may even teach her a lesson about her own life...something extraordinary.... Recommended for young adults and adults 10 and up. This is a coming- of-age fantasy unlike anything you've ever read before

The Secret of the Hemlock Forest

  • "This is the book that made me buy Amazon Kindle Unlimited. When I first read the sample on my Kindle App, the beginning was so creative. The author set the tone, and the sample sparked my curiosity to want to know more about Sunshine, the main character, who discovers that she is not just some awkward teenage girl who doesn't fit in. Sunshine actually has powers beyond any humans imaginations, and she is destined to save the secret world she is pulled into through Hemlock Forest. The author does is skilled at developing the plot for details that hook readers and make you want to keep going. In fact, I started this book at dawn on a Monday morning and could not put it down. It was if the spell of Hemlock Forest would not let me stop reading until I finished the book late Monday night. I recommend this book to anyone who has not found out where they fit in in life, their true purpose for living, their path." -Onessia Mosby

    "Mattie Richardson proves her ability at world building in her book 'The Secret of The Hemlock Forest'.
    In this alternate world, Sunshine the heroine, has the opportunity to step outside her own life, into one where fantastic creatures mis-use their talents against the common good.  
    The author weaves a coming-of-age tale in which the heroine comes to a better understanding of her own life and her place in it.
    A lovely story, both inspiring and thought provoking." -Sariah T



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