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Mattie Richardson's Horses In History makes the perfect gift for any horse lover and/or history buff! Click the "Shop" link on the top menu bar!


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The long awaited continuation of Mattie Richardson's Horses in History Series...

Blue Skies West

Adventure awaits and danger abounds on the trail...Blue and Charlie have to be tougher than the rest to make it through!

Blue Skies West is the fifth in an exciting series for kids (and adults!) to learn more about important stories in U.S. History--told from the horse's point of view!

This story follows a horse named Blue, a horse who is lucky enough to find himself in the middle of one of the most important events in the history of the United States: The Oregon Trail.

His boy, Charlie, can't wait to head out on the trip. Charlie and Blue have lived in Iowa farmlands their entire lives, so they are excited to head out on a trail 2,000 miles long to see their new home.

The rest of Charlie's family wants to see the fabled lands of Oregon, where they will make their own home. But along with rumors of excellent farmland, abundant grass and water for livestock, and gold and timber to last for generations, comes with warnings of disease: cholera, dysentery, and influenza. Dangers like water crossings, stampedes, and even wagon train robbers will face them in every territory they cross.

The family will have some exhilarating new adventures and will make many new friends, but will Blue, Charlie, and his family make it to Oregon without losing anybody along the way?

Mattie Richardson's first fantasy novel...


This story is recommended for young adults and adults 10 and up. This is a coming- of-age fantasy unlike anything you've ever read before... 

Within the realms of the Hemlock Forest lies a secret waiting to be discovered...

Sunshine is just an ordinary girl. Living an ordinary life, going to an ordinary school, facing ordinary obstacles of the ordinary fifteen what clothes to wear, how to make friends, or what she should do on a Saturday night. The only thing that sets her apart from the others is that she often sits alone in the Hemlock Forest near her home. People wonder why she spends her time there---there are stories of people going into the forest and never coming out again, about crazy  people and animals that live there, and other strange happenings. There are fables and legends about the creatures that live there. 


The forest is rarely visited. By humans, anyway. 

Maybe there is a real reason why people don't go into the forest. But Sunshine just sits and relaxes within the realms of the dark Hemlock forest, thinking about the creatures that were said to live there, and contemplating just how ordinary and unsocial she really is. 

But when she hears a strange sobbing in the woods one evening, she couldn't help but follow the sound. What she stumbles across is something unusual; something that may even teach her a lesson about her own life...something extraordinary....

Praised for its historical accuracy and appeal...

Day and Night is Now Available!

"North Dakota's Teen Author" has turned out a very entertaining juvenile novel about the Civil War's first year. As a long-time student of the Civil War and author of "Horses and Mules in the Civil War," I was very pleasantly surprised to find the book so historically accurate. Yes, there is some "literary license" but it is minimal and explained in an afterword by the author. Scenes of the Battle of Pea Ridge and Shiloh are correctly described, the confusion and divisions over the war along Missouri's western border is depicted with understanding, and the experience of two horses in the war is presented in a believable manner. The young lady admirably did her research well. The narrators of the novel are two horses, one Union and one Confederate, but the two principal human characters are also developed well.. Throughout the characters are presented in a believable manner and with feeling. Entertaining for an adult reader, this book will be a great read for young audiences!

-Gene Armistead, Author of Horses and Mules in the Civil War

Watch the Day and Night Book Trailer! 


"I got all three of your books! I'm excited to read them! Are you writing another one?"

-Sixth Grader from Enderlin, ND

"Mattie Richardson did it again...wrote a novel which is interesting and educational. When my middle school students read this book in conjunction with our studies of the Pony Express Trail, they loved it! They even enjoyed writing a book report about the book! As a teacher, I appreciate that Mattie researched the Pony Express mail delivery system and included that in the novel, providing a fun way for kids to learn their history lesson. My students have become budding authors themselves because they know that Mattie was about their age when she wrote her first book."

-Teacher in California 

"We are really enjoying your book, Dusty's Trail in class while we studied the Pony Express...."

-Student from California 

"Love your books! Can't wait to see more from you"

-Teacher in Thompson, ND

"I rate this book (Appaloosy) 4 ½ stars. It was a good book to read, highly enjoyable and would definitely recommend it to any horse lover who may be interested in another great horse story."

- Teenage Reader in Book Review, "Beloved Star" Blog 





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