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Third in the horse series for children by Mattie Richardson, kids ages 8-14 or any horse lover will enjoy the telling of actual historical events in fictional form by the horse. Kids will especially appreciate the fact that the author wrote her books at a young age, the first at 13.



Cheyenne is a beautiful Golden Palomino mare raised in Northern Texas during the early 1800's. When her owner, Jared, is convinced to become a volunteer soldier for the emerging Texas fight for independence, she must travel with him along with his friend Rueben into San Antonio, Texas. Jared has orders to help defend the famous Fort Alamo against Mexican forces, and the more Cheyenne learns about Texas' fight for independence; the more the feisty mare is determined to help Jared fight in any way she can. Along the way, the two fight in battles, hide a cannon near the town of Gonzalez, and meet new friends like James Bowie and the Famous Davy Crockett. But the Mexican forces are set on extinguishing the fire of Texan independence in any way they can....will Jared and Cheyenne make it through the war? And will the Texas flag fly for freedom?

Golden Sunrise (Physical Copy)

  • "I have read and enjoyed all of Mattie Richardson's novels. As a teacher, I utilized each of her books in my classroom, in part, because the genre is "historical fiction." This one centers around the Alamo, so the tone is a bit more solemn as was that event, but it gave my students an interesting historical point of view. The book is entertaining and informational, and I highly recommend it."

    "What an enjoyable read! My memory of the Alamo events from history class were foggy at best. This was a nice little refresher told in an entertaining way. I loved the bond between horse and rider. You could really tell what a special relationship they had. Excited to read more of Mattie's books!"


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