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The Dusty’s Trail Enrichment Guide is a fun and exciting way to learn more about the Pony Express Trail, the people (and horses!) involved in the Pony Express, and more!


Grab your mochila (mailbag) and your noble steed, and get ready for an adventure in history!


This Enrichment Guide will lead students through the book Dusty’s Trail by Mattie Richardson and all they can learn from it to create a fresh, new appreciation for this exciting time in history. Through this accompanying guide, students will learn:


*Reading comprehension



*U.S. Geography

*How to create their own stories


The guide also includes:

*Living History Activities


*Different elements about horsemanship, horses, and their roles today and throughout history.

*An advanced track for older students.


What are you waiting for? Read it aloud and work through the guide as a project that the whole family can enjoy, or send a horse-crazy student on their own adventure with this Dusty’s Trail Enrichment Guide. It is geared toward 8-12 year old students (second through sixth grade), but can be adjusted to be used with older or even younger students as well.

Dusty's Trail Enrichment Guide (Physical Copy)

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