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 The Day and Night Enrichment Guide is the perfect tool to help kids learn more about the Civil War in the Western Theater, the men who fought, and the horses that went with them!

If you've read the book Day and Night, you know that it's jam-packed full of history, but the story is written so that kids can absorb historical facts without being bogged down with all the details! These guides accompany the books and help bring even more historical context into the stories with games, activities, biographies, crafts, and more!

This Enrichment Guide will lead students through the book Day and Night by Mattie Richardson and all that they can learn from it, to create a fresh, new appreciation for this time in history. The book has been praised for how historically accurate and interesting it is for kids and adults alike. Through this accompanying guide, students will learn:

*Reading Comprehension
*How to create their own stories
The guide also includes:
*Living History Activities
*How soldiers lived and participated in day-to-day life
*Different elements about horsemanship, horses and their roles today and through history, and other equine-related activities
*An advanced track for older students

What are you waiting for? Read it aloud and work through the guide as a project that the whole family, or send a horse-crazy student on their own adventure with this Day and Night Enrichment Guide. It is aimed toward 8-14 year olds (second through eighth grade) but can be adjusted to be used with older students as well.


NOTE: This is a PDF/Eversion. It includes two files, the Day and Night Enrichment Guide and the Answer Key. Please contact this website if you are having any technical issues with the download and they will be solved right away! 

Day and Night Enrichment Guide (PDF)

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