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Starting a Blog

Nobody reads blogs anymore, right?

I've already had at least half a dozen blogs from "Appaloosy Dreams" to "Home Sweet Buick," but I'll start another one.

Apparently Facebook thinks I'm too popular for my own good, and is requiring me to sign up for a bunch of extra security features.

I think I'll skip all the extra stuff and blog here. What else am I supposed to do with all my free time that I'll be gaining from cutting the ties of my personal Facebook account?

I will still have control over a few of my business pages under a (basically) anonymous account. And I will probably get more active on those as well as instagram and a few other social media platforms that I've under-utilized in the past.

I'm hoping this will be really good for me, but we will see. I am personally looking forward to removing the facebook app from my phone and gaining at least an hour of each day back, hopefully, but I will miss seeing regular updates from my friends and family and being able to share with them as well.

But I think the real people in my life who really care know where to find me.

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